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Business owners surely understand the importance of having a reliable team handle the back-end of their operation – organizing files, recording transactions, running payroll, filing taxes, and the like. These tasks may not directly impact the business, but these are crucial in keeping it running. Above all, the means are as necessary as the results mainly since accounting deals with sensitive and confidential information.


The Dangers of Data Breach


Technology and the Internet both have their fair share of advantages and disadvantages. It is up to the users, however, which to reap. For instance, social media platforms are beneficial for people in long-distance relationships. However, in some cases, these networking sites could take away quality time, leading to separation instead of unity. 

One serious risk of careless online browsing is a data breach. This is the unauthorized and/or improper use of one’s confidential information. You must be extra cautious of which sites to access and which databases to trust as your digital footprints cannot be easily erased as how these are easily traced. Regardless if you opt for traditional or virtual bookkeeping, there is always the threat of data breach. This is why it is crucial that you only entrust your business to reputable and reliable accounting firms. 


Accounting Services Bend


Outsource Bookkeeping: It’s an All-in Package


Outsourcing is not a new business strategy; it has been adopted by millions of entrepreneurs all across the globe for several years now. It is counter-productive; it is practical. Above all, a single deal grants you the overall benefits of professional accounting.




Virtual bookkeeping firms offer the same services as in-house accountants would. They can also record transactions, manage books, generate financial statements, run payroll, file taxes, and a lot more. One major difference is their means of accomplishing these tasks. Virtual firms, such as Foster Family LLC, have managed to automate everything, making all procedures more efficient. They have succeeded in infusing technology and accounting, streamlining the then tedious and time-consuming processes. Due to these innovations, you can rest assured that you not only get accurate results, but you also receive those on time.






Data security is one of the biggest reasons why clients hesitate to fully go virtual. You can be at ease, however, as virtual firms do not take this matter lightly. Foster Family LLC, for instance, has put up a team of network engineers and information technology specialists to oversee their equipment and systems. They handle all the maintenance works and ensure that all data remains confidential and secure. 




This is most especially because aside from the monetary value involved, accountants deal with the company’s data and their clients’ information. Moreover, several accounting firms nowadays also handle financial budgeting and business planning. A leak, in any form, of these strategies could negatively impact the business. This is why a separate contract for non-disclosure is a must.

No matter how careful you are with your personal and company’s data, if the organizations you submit or register them to do not handle these seriously, the possibility of a data breach remains high. So, when you decide to go virtual, choose a trustworthy firm.